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Western Massachusetts Residential Electrical Services

JRS II Electric – Your Residential Electrical Service Electrician for Western Massachusetts

We understand, that as a homeowner, your home is your sanctuary. Our number one priority when providing residential electrical service, is to make sure we treat your family and home as if it were ours. We not only show up on time, but are courteous, cautious and treat your property with care. What makes us stand out from other Western Massachusetts Electricians is that we care!

Residential Electrical Services

  • Troubleshooting & Repair
  • Generators
  • Breakers and Fuses
  • Electric Vehicle Car Chargers (EVCC) Service
  • Lighting
  • Outlets, Switches, and GFCI’s
  • Home Safety Check
  • Code Corrections
  • Track Lighting
  • New Wiring For Appliances
  • Surge Protection
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Upgrade Electrical Service
  • Phone Jacks & Cable Outlets
  • ARC-Fault Breakers
  • Exhaust Fans
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Electric Water Heaters
  • Hot Tubs & Spas

This is a short list of residential electrical services we provide.

JRS II Electric can handle all residential electrical projects. If you are interested in speaking to a licensed and insured electricians about your home electrical wiring needs, give us a call. We’ll explain, in layman’s terms, what we believe to be the best solution, provide an estimated cost and time schedule up-front. Call Today 413-262-9182

Commercial Electrical Services

JRS II Electric is on hand to provide exceptional quality work which is fully guaranteed and insured. Our knowledge and experience ensures we can deliver on budget and on time.

Our commercial electrical service expertise vary from new build contracts to large installations including offices, retail outlets, health authority medical centers, hospitals and educational centers.

The services we offer range from fault finding and rectification, periodic test and inspection, extra sockets and light points, replacing fuseboards, extensions, external power and lighting, smoke and heat detectors, emergency lighting, fire alarms and much more.

JRS II Electric is one of only a handful of local electrical contractors to have their own bucket truck, which makes working on external lighting, parking lot lighting, and signage considerably more cost effective.

With qualification and experience, JRS II Electric delivers a professional commercial electrical service to clients. Our service is both professional and cost effective and we have many satisfied customers.

We are licensed to provide service in Western Massachusetts cities including Springfield, Chicopee, West Springfield, Ludlow, Westfield, Agawam, Feeding Hills, Southwick, Hadley, Amherst, and many more.

JRS II Electric provides efficient and compliant electrical solutions for the industrial sector. We cover all aspects of design, installation, inspection, testing and certification of your premises ensuring your electrical systems adhere to current regulations so you can operate round the clock. The quality of our service is important to us. Our aim is to build on our excellent reputation for high standards and safety in the workplace from small domestic jobs to large commercial projects. We work closely with our clients offering expert advice on electrical design, installation and maintenance solutions. Our comprehensive quotations ensure our clients are with us at every stage of the job.

The industrial electrical services we offer include:

  • Service Installations for 200A – 4000 A; 120V – 480V
  • 3 Phase commercial circuit faults
  • Predictive testing and Maintenance
  • Switch gear Testing
  • Engineering and Design
  • Cable tray systems
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Dedicated Circuits and cabling
  • Certification
  • Electrical design, installation and maintenance
  • Emergency light installation and maintenance
  • Fault finding and repairs
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Power analysis
  • Low voltage lighting
  • Panel building and process controls
  • Test and inspections
  • Three phase distribution
  • Warehouse/factory lighting

No matter what your electrical needs are, we have the right solution, at the right price. Our electricians are fully licensed, ensuring that your electrical installations will comply to industry and code standards. With a team of highly-skilled, professionally licensed journeyman electricians, we are proud to set industry standards for quality, design and customer service. Please contact us today at 413-262-9182 to schedule a service call or consultation.

Have an electrical need that is too high to reach? 

JRS II Electric can work with you to update, repair, and maintain your business’ parking lot and pathway lighting! Our bucket truck can reach up to 50 feet high and is the perfect solution to install or repair parking lot lights, display lights, ballast replacement, holiday displays, and more!

What type of services can our bucket truck take care of?
• Parking lot lighting
• Fluorescent display signs
• Electrical signs
• Advertisement placing or updating
• Light poles
• Outdoor building lighting
• Ballast replacement or installation
• Commercial banner installations
• Parking lot lighting
• Retail lighting
• Warehouse lighting
• Security lighting
• Light pole maintenance

Bucket Truck Service/Services

We understand the importance of a well-lit parking lot.  It is not just critical for your business to ensure the safety and security of your customers, your employees, and your property but it is very important to have as part of your everyday business life proper parking lot lighting and preventative maintenance.

Emergency Exit Lighting

It’s important for all businesses to have an exit emergency light that is bright enough to be seen from the other side of the room.  This light must allow everyone to safely exit the building in case of emergency.  The LED lights in exit signs are the most commonly used light bulbs for this purpose. They are energy efficient so they save money in the long run. LED lights are durable, which means they aren’t negatively affected by heat or cold weather, which will allow them to last longer. This lighting is in addition to a lite exit sign.

In order to comply with the safety requirements, every building exit sign must have a power source back up that lasts for at least 2 hours after the electricity goes out. It is also important to have a light that illuminates to the brightness standards set by OSHA, which will make it easier for everyone to safely find their way out of your building in an emergency.

Exit signs are required to have letters at least 6 inches high. They must be hung above a doorway so they can be seen brightly everywhere in the room.

Installing emergency lights and your exit sign should be done by a certified electrician. It is dangerous to try to do this alone. Working with any type of electrical installation is best to be left for the trained, certified professional.

When doing any electrical work, the electricity must be turned off for safety until your job is done. To forget to turn the electric off while installing something electrical could be deadly.

When including a back up battery for your emergency exit, be sure you have the battery fully charged so it can do the job you’re counting on in case of a fire or electrical outage. Charging a back up battery can take up to one day, so plan accordingly.

It’s best to install emergency lights away from heat.

For all of your electrical needs call or contact JRS II Electric today at 413-262-9182

Smoke Detector Wiring in Western Massachusetts


Fire alarm and smoke detector systems are your first, and often only, warning sign of serious danger and potential harm. These systems are vital for the protection of your family and home, making the installation and maintenance of them an absolute priority! When you need smoke detector wiring, installation, or repair, you can trust the experts at JRS II Electric!

Our specialists take your safety and security exceptionally seriously. We strive to ensure we’re at the head of the pack in all of the latest techniques and technology so that we can guarantee the best electrical services and solutions to our clients in Springfield, MA and all of Western Massachusetts. For crystal-clear, perfect home warning solutions, you can trust JRS II Electric.

When you need fire alarm and smoke detector services, trust JRS II Electric! Contact us online to learn more, or give us a call at 413-262-9182 to set a date for your service!


According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency(FEMA), the US experiences over a million fires each year—resulting in approximately 3,000 deaths and 17,500 in injuries, not to mention more than $11 billion in property damage! At JRS II Electric we want you to be prepared in the event of a fire. With proper fire alarm systems, you can prevent unnecessary damage and injuries! Whether you’re looking to update your home’s fire alarm system or your commercial property needs additional smoke detectors installed, JRS II Electric can put a warning system in place!

Our highly trained electricians stay up to date with state and local requirements, along with NFPA 72 safety regulations. By understanding the safety standards, our technicians can ensure your fire alarm is installed to the most recent fire and electrical codes, which can vary based on when your property was built and whether you are seeking fire alarm installation for a Massachusetts home or commercial property.

Contact the fire alarm installation team at JRS II Electric to ensure your family or tenants will receive a proper warning in the event of a fire!


Ensure that you undergo routine fire alarm and smoke alarm testing, and if a problem arises, contact our repair specialists right away. Faulty fire alarms pose a serious threat to the safety of your property and those inside it! If your smoke detectors need to be repaired, JRS II Electric can help—sometimes the job is as simple as a cleaning or a battery replacement! Our alarm repair experts are factory trained and carry extensive experience, offering you solutions for:

  • Dirty, clogged detection hardware
  • Inaudible or quiet alarms
  • Incorrect or faulty programming
  • Failure to operate
  • And more!

We’ve been handling fire alarm and smoke detector repair and maintenance for decades and can guarantee fast, accurate services that ensure your home stays safe and protected when fire and smoke threaten your health.

Whether the job is big or small, contact us for smoke detector repair in the Western Massachusetts & the greater Springfield, MA area!


Proper smoke detector maintenance ensures your fire alarm is working properly when an emergency occurs and gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing it’s being regularly inspected for proper operation. The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) makes the following suggestions when it comes to smoke detector wiring:

  • Install smoke detectors in every bedroom, outside each separate sleeping area, and on every level on the home—including the basement!
  • Interconnect all smoke detectors throughout your home or building so when one sounds, they all sound.
  • Test that the smoke detector is working properly on a monthly basis by pressing the test button.

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